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The dimensions of our products vary from very small (less than one millimeter) to medium-sized (approx. 70 mm). We profile ourselves as a jobber with the emphasis on (small) serial production (single to 10,000+ pieces) of mono parts. The assembly of a bearing or dowel pin is of course possible.

In the production the necessary provisions are taken to be able to produce according to the cleanliness requirement “Grade 2”, all this with the principle “Pollution which does not come on, does not have to come off”. The entire production and cleaning process has been approved by VDL-ETG & ASML for Grade 2.

The photos show a number of different examples from our range.


Vedos has years of experience in machining a very wide range of materials.

  • Ferrous: e.g. Automated steel, stainless steel, Monel, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Inconel
  • Non-Ferrous: a.o. Aluminum, Titanium, Tin, Phosphor, Aluminum Bronze, Brass
  • Plastics: a.o. Nylon, Pom, Pei, Peek (TX)

Most of these raw materials are part of our ‘iron’ stock.

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